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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Elf Antics Continue

More Elf pictures to show today. My ds and I are keeping Enzo very busy this holiday season. I am still waiting for my son to either leave his phone or laptop out so I can take a selfie or email to Santa.

Today he is being kind and leaving a gift card to Starbucks for my son. I woke up this am and I guess Enzo was telling me I needed to decorate the tree as there were a few ornaments hanging on it along with Enzo and I haven't had time to actually decorate it yet.

Wanted to share more of my son's creativity.
Came home last night to find a bit of a poker game in progress.

The other morning I had to unwrap my car.

I guess Enzo got carried away and wrapped himself as well which was a good thing because the car was pretty wet.

Another day I came home to find yarn strung through my entire house only to see the Elf using it as a high wire.


  1. How fun, Leslie, and I laughed when I saw your car plastic wrapped! :D Thanks for the book recommendation, I'm reading Mr. Mercedes and am enjoying it!