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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Daily - Days 15-18

Well slowly I am getting the pages done. I am taking a break to make a few Thank you cards so should have those up Friday.

I finally am free of my "holiday responsibilities" and can truly just spend time scrapping. Today is my last Christmas festivity so I will cook dinner for the grandbabies and open the last of the gifts, but then I am done. I have done my luncheons, shopped, ran errands and took care of those pesky things you find yourself doing once you have free time on your hands.

Santa brought me a pasta roller so I do plan on dabbling on making my own pasta at some point but that should be an adventure.

Without further ado here are pages 15 - 18.

Not much going on for day 15, just getting the piles of presents wrapped

Day 16 we had potluck at work and it was requested I bring cake so tried a lemon raspberry cake which went pretty quick.

The best day of the week, I am on vacation and went back up to the city to see Kinky Boots. A great play and definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of seeing it. Just a great warm hearted comedy that leaves you feeling good. 

Day 18, the kitties got their new toys early since we weren't going to be around for Christmas. This tower of balls went over very well. 
That's it for now, hope everyone is finding the time to finish their DD pages. I always enjoy seeing all the lovely pages.
Everyone have a safe and Happy New Years!


  1. Leslie, your pages are so cute! Love the fun embellishments you've used, especially on day 15! Happy New Year! :)

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  3. Miss Leslie your stories are always so interesting.