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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wine Tote

So to go with the card I made on Monday for my bff is this wine tote. I will tell you right now this was probably one of the worse patterns I ever followed. I thought I was making a lined tote and while I kept questioning so many things with this pattern I tried to keep faith that it would work out. I was horribly wrong. It did not end up being lined but rather I made two bags which is not what the instructions promised or eluded to. I also didn't care for the French seams with the denim but that was more of my doing than the pattern and I definitely didn't like some of the vagueness in the instructions or the non centered handles.

But I refused to give up, in the end I before I finished it off I just decided to marry the two bags making a reversible tote which in the long run wasn't a bad idea. The tote now has inside and outside pockets and of course you can change the bag from mostly denim to mostly pink. There is also a divider that sit between two bottles of wine, but honestly I think this bag would carry four bottles.

I am sure she will like it either way and just to make sure I will add a couple of bottles of wine.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Last Birthday Card

Yea! I finally completed the last of my birthday cards. This cute stamp is from Wild Rose Studio.

Such a darling little elephant. I made this card for my bff and while she loves hot pink I opted to go towards purple and decided to not do multiple colored balloons but thought more about buying balloons in a colored theme.

I have to say Purple is my enemy, it's my enemy because while I like it, it has to be one of the most difficult colors to color match. I always have a hard time with finding pp or ribbon that will match or coordinate, but for some reason I did luck out and had just 1 sheet of a matching purple cardstock.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hawaiian Card

This is my very last guy card. The most challenging of all if you can believe it, for my very own 24 y/o son or at least he will be 24.

He is kind of a straightforward simple kind of guy. He doesn't like the cutesy cards too much and I really had to think a bit about what he might like.

I just happened to have been playing with some watercolors and made a background that I was trying to figure out what to do with and I kept thinking of a sunset which lead me to think about Hawaii for some reason or the other and then I found my little Hawaiian stamp that I actually bought in Maui at some point so they just seemed to marry together quite nicely.

I must tell you I am entirely uncomfortable with such a plain card. By plain I mean no 3D embellishments, no popping up anything, no tags, no ribbon or twine, nothing. But when I found the sentiment stamp from Papertrey Ink I kind of just thought this worked. It's really very simple but for him I think it will pass muster.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Watercolor Balloons

I am rounding third base getting these birthday cards completed. I will be happy when they are no longer on my to do list.

I decided to play with a bit of watercolor and the balloon die set from Taylored Expressions and broke out my embossing plates. It's been forever and a day since I last used those.

Also using my book die from Papertrey Ink, the star die from Memory box and the stamped sentiment from Simon Says stamp.

This card is another guy card, this time for an ex-coworker friend. I know he is going to enjoy getting a little happy mail.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wildflower Birthday

Another guy card for the February set of birthdays. This time it's for my father in law. He likes to display my cards on his mantle and brags to all his family and friends which of course makes me feel like a wonderful daughter in law.

One of his favorites was this Lawn Ranger card using a stamp from Rubbernecker stamps and when I was at the Expo last year I picked up a few more. Not as fun as the Lawn Ranger but something a little different (both stamps on this card are from Rubbernecker). I doubt it w ill replace his favorite but will still find a place on his mantle nonetheless.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sewing: Apron

When I was up visiting my father in law over the holidays my husband's niece asked if I would make her an apron for her acupuncture business. She described what she wanted and left the rest up to me. Her basic requirements were that it be black with some sort of Asian accent.

I found a free pattern online and went about making what I thought would be an acceptable apron for her. I must say there was quite a bit of discussion in our family about the number and widths of pockets needed. In the end we felt three was the best number. One for her used needles which was one of the requirements, one for a cell phone which was another and then one for either new needles or for whatever.

The apron was easy enough to make but I beefed it up using some twill material for the main part. I truly wanted a nice sturdy apron that would hold up for the long haul of wearing and washing. The only part that let me down was the tie, It was barely long enough to tie around my waist and I don't know about you but I like something that gives me lots of room to tie. In fact I like to wrap it back around and tie in the front. So I tossed out the black tie which would have been nice accent and fortunately had bought some red bias tape which I used instead. I left it the entire length and now there is plenty of material to tie with.

I was also a bit disappointed on the overall size of the apron. Granted I am 5'10" and this was just too small for me. Fortunately my dh's niece is all of 5 feet so it should be a perfect fit for her.

Lastly I had to add some sort of Asian accent so I found in the Silhouette store the letters for Peace and thought that would be appropriate. Cut those out of heated vinyl and added it on for the finishing touch.

See the nice long tie. 


Here is a close up of those pockets

And the back of the apron. I really love that material of course I am partial to the red/black/white combo as well.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Zappy Birthday

Continuing on with my February birthdays, I made this card for the 5 yr old grandbaby. Not too much superheroish but maybe just enough. I used some Tim Holtz distress inks to create the background mimicking a bit of a sunset. Cut the city from a Taylored Expressions die and then used my Papertrey Ink superhero stamps and dies for the rest.