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Friday, December 5, 2014

Elf Mischief

Well I was hoping to have more DD to post today, or at least that was the plan until I got home and realized I had too much going on this weekend in addition to buying my ds a new car . I casually suggested we go tonight and of course he was nothing less than thrilled. So if you have ever bought a new car you know that it easily takes two to three hours before you make it our of  there which is pretty much how it went. So after finalizing all the pesky details like insurance, getting dinner on the table and all the excitement died down my time just ran out.

So in lieu of DD I am sharing some elf mischief. I have been posing the elf every day for my ds when he gets up but I have to share with you the fact that when I get home, Enzo (the elf) has been up to even more mischief, i.e my son relocates the elf for me (gotta love a kid who plays right back).

These are the last two days my son relocated the elf. I didn't take a picture the first day but that little guy TP'd my bathroom.

I came home the other day and he was hanging from the light in the kitchen.

Today when I came home he was in my craft room writing a letter to Santa. (As you can see my desk is very very messy.) 


  1. That's so fun that your DS has gotten in on Enzo's adventures, Leslie! I sure hope he leaves your kitties alone! :) I've run into some bumps with my DD too. ;)