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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Merci Beaucoup

This is the last of my rash of watercolor cards I made last week. I am not sure if I care for the pairing with the pattern paper or not. At the time I thought it would look nice but then it sat there and the more I looked at it the more I wasn't all that happy with it. But if I have learned one thing in all my crafty years, some things I don't care for that much people love..go figure.

So not being stingy over my distaste of it, I am sharing the card.

Monday, July 25, 2016

From Meow to You

It's that time where I send off cards to my grandkids and my hubby's grandniece. Although I am cheating a little this month and my grandkids are getting a shark card I originally made them awhile back, but for some stupid reason I ended up sending them my father in law's card instead. So might as well send that to them this month.

That just leaves a card for the grandniece. Simple enough. I figured a little kitty and a shaker card would be a nice pairing for a little girl.

All the dies and stamps are from MFT and I believe the pp is from Lawn Fawn. Have to say the more I make these shaker cards the easier it is to remember how to do it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Orange and Gold

Orange and gold do seem like the a perfect pair since I always seem to be drawn to gold whenever I use the Distressed Inks paints for watercoloring. Those burnt orange colors really seem to want to be paired with it.
The thanks was die cut from a gold vellum and then just stacked it on the top of some darker cardstock so it would deepen the color just a bit. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Pretty in Purple

I decided to stray away from pink which is always so tempting to do when creating flowers, especially since I love pink flowers and my garden is full of them, but I am kind of fond of purple as well.
After I painted the flowers I felt like the center of the flower lacked something and decided to dot in some glittery stickles because lets face it I have a ton of them and haven't used them in a very very long time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Watercolor Time

Yep I painted a bunch more stamped panels so been making cards out of them all. Nothing like having a clean desk and then sitting down for a bit of play time.

This card uses WPlus9 Ranunculus stamp. It's always a challenge for me to make sure the layers of the flowers don't get muddled with the paint.

I also cut 4 layers of MFT Hello die to give it a bit of thickness and then added a few sequins.

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Sweet Surprise Times Two

So as I mentioned earlier I went to Oregon and while visiting family I took measurements of my dh's grandniece. She is a cute little thing and she asked me for a Minnie Dress, who can resist an order like that.

I set out on my mission for both Fabric and a Pattern. After researching what Minnie Mouse actually wore I confess I was a bit perplexed because I thought Minnie just wore Red but alas so many pictures of her in pink, what to do what to do..well I think little girls are drawn to pink so that's what I choose.

I used a Simplicity pattern and alas the dress was really long, way too long for what I needed.
So I chopped 3.5 inches off to make it more fitting for a little girl's Minnie Mouse dress. I also added a band because I did see that as a constant in the pictures.

As you can see it's pretty, but long

Here it is shortened, so much more little girl appealing

And while I was at it, I made her a purple tutu because she likes the color purple and what little girl doesn't need to have a Tutu, right?!? But alas I bought tulle by the yard and can you believe 5 yards wasn't enough so I thought I don't want to bother cutting it all up again so I'll just go and buy one of those 6" rolls (actually I bought two and used almost all of it). I brought samples of the tulle with me to make sure the color matched.

Then I get home, cut it into strips and the first thing I notice is it's not 6 inches wide but 5-3/4", close enough I decided. Then I noticed this stuff is pretty thin not as nice as the yardage tulle and while I am noticing that can you believe what else I noticed? The colors didn't match, are you kidding me..sigh. I guess the yardage one is more shimmery and slightly more darker than the roll tulle which  is lighter and more of a matte color.

But you know what? I decided it's a good thing. I undid the top row of what I had tied on already in my original color and did the top entirely out of the new roll of tulle. It looks great and now she can flip it either way for a slightly different style.

And from this view you can see how it's a bit darker at the bottom

Great I am all done and started packing this up to send ASAP and whoops almost forgot a few accessories I bought for her dress.
The package is now merrily on its way and the only thing I wish is I was there to see her open it.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's Done

I have been working on a quilt for my mom. Took me near a month to complete this one. I loved the colors and completely reminded me of something my mom would enjoy.

I ended up using 5 different quilting patterns on this one. Basically a different pattern for each of the borders and then one for the inside square.

Ironically I bought the fabric a year ago but only purchased enough for the quilt top and neglected to purchase coordinating fabric for the back. I think I figured I could find something at Joann's. I couldn't find anything so I headed to a nearby quilt store and found something that I thought would work.

This is the back fabric

And the whole schbang. Ready for gift giving. Most likely her birthday.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th

Hope everyone is enjoying their independence day and taking time to have some fun with family and friends.

At our house we actually will be celebrating two holidays or rather two special occasions, the first is the 4th of July obviously and the second is my hubby's birthday.

I of course needed to make him a birthday card especially since I {ahem} flaked on Father's Day and our anniversary so what do to for a guy, and not just any guy but a outdoorsman type guy who thinks most of what I make is fru-fruie.

Bringing out my scene it dies from Papertrey Ink, I decided to create him something he would probably enjoy; The mountains. I like these mountain dies because it reminds me so much of driving up to Oregon. I think this card is a perfect fit. We don't have a camper but I think it will bring across a camping/wildneress tone which is what I am going for.

So have a great day, have some fun, eat lots of bbq but above all have a safe fourth!