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Monday, December 29, 2014

Back From Oregon

Just came back on Saturday evening so haven't had much time to do anything other than unwind and laundry, but thought I would share some pictures from the trip.

On the drive up there is this beautiful view of the Black Butte Mountain

And when we first started coming here oh at least 20 years ago there was just this metal cow but in the past few years she now has a calf. I finally was able to take a decent photo.

A little further up someone added a dragon, but it has been here for the past 10 years I believe. I just love that people provide highway art for us to enjoy as we drive by.

I have also been admiring these trucks for a long time. The array of colors is just astounding.

On Christmas Eve we decided to drive up to Crater Lake and to our pleasant surprise it began snowing.

There was at least 3 foot of snow and we probably would have enjoyed this more if one we were properly dressed for it and two it wasn't actually snowing with gusts of wind but we did make our way to the lodge for a bit of hot chocolate. 

The drive back it's always a treat to see this view of Mt. Shasta. 

And new for us was the sunset since our departure time was delayed a few hours. Usually we are home by this time so it was nice to enjoy the views of the sunset on our way home. 

Glad to be back home and will be celebrating Christmas three times this year. First was with in in-laws then once we were back home I do another celebration with my grand babies but found out my son has to work on the only day we can get everyone together so we did another day with him. I know some people stretch out their birthdays to weeks and even months but have to admit this is the first time I have stretched Christmas out to a week long of celebration.
I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday time and am hoping now that I got son and dh back to work and me with a bit of free time to finally get in some much needed crafting time. 


  1. Beautiful photos, Leslie, especially the tree lined snowy scene! Hope you all enjoyed all of your Christmases and I'm sure you're ready to get some crafting in! :)

  2. When I opened up your blog I immediately recognized all the pictures as I live in Redding! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful trip 😄it's absolutely beautiful up here ! hopefully the lake is filling up! I haven't had a chance drive up there and look ! Where do you live?

  3. Beautiful pics! Looks like you had a fun trip.

  4. Amazing photos, what a wonderful trip!