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Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting Ready

Today I thought I would share a wreath I made that was fairly simple. Bought basically the Ribbon, Grapevine wreath, 2 bunches of branches and some Berry picks.

Honestly this was a matter of hot gluing the two branches on to the wreath, separating the berry picks and hot gluing those in and making a bow which obviously was the hardest part. I wish I was better at bow making but I think it will do. I also really wanted a plaid ribbon but couldn't find any that was wide enough. I really just like the natural look of this type of wreath.

Also wanted to share our Elf, Enzo. I really bought this guy last year to give to my dd for the grandbabies but as soon as I mentioned it she said "not that creepy elf on a shelf" so I adopted him. Mind you my kids are all grown but I do plan to have some fun with my ds and dh. More pranking or funny type things but all pretty much PG rated. So you might see him from time to time on the blog over the next 25 days.
My ds didn't really want him around either but the fact he gave him his name gives me hope he will enjoy the antics of the mischievous little elf.
I did add some wire into his body to help make him more pose-able since there isn't much structure to the elf itself.



  1. This is a beautiful wreath, Leslie. So festive!

  2. Beautiful wreath, Leslie, love how you left some of the grapevine exposed! It didn't even cross my mind to make one myself, we picked one up at a local nursery for Small Business Saturday. :)

  3. Gorgeous wreath!
    I think the bow looks great.
    I will admit though I am terrible with bows.
    My poor daughter whenever I have to tie bows for her dresses and hair!

  4. LOL, that creepy Elf! Have fun with your adopted elf! Your wreath is so welcoming, I love it!

  5. Beautiful wreath! Jealous on how you created that bow...must. practice! LOL!