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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Homemade Memory Game cards

I found myself with a bunch of white card stock scraps from a leftover project. Now this isn't your ordinary card stock; this stuff is uber thick. It's from Papertrey Ink and it's for making tags so its super stiff and heavy, not the kind you would use to make a card and die cuts would be ok but I decided that I had enough I would make a memory card game. Easy Peasy.

First I cut them to size, then rounded the corners and stamped matching images. At first I thought I would have to cover the backside because the ink would show through but it didn't then I thought what the heck I'll cover them anyway. I debated on whether to modge podge them but in the end I decided not to.

I was a bit apprehensive when I covered them with this chevron pp figuring it would be a tell tale sign but then I realized the ages I was making these for and realized they'll be just fine. Worse case I can just recover them.

After stamping them, all I had left to do was color them and then adhere the cover. I did sand the edges a bit to meld the pp with the card together and since I cut these out with a trimmer and not a die the edges weren't exact matches so some sanding took care of the extra bits.

All in all I think they came out pretty cute, I made 12 pairs which is probably enough for the grand-kid's ages and are now ready for the little ones to have some fun.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dog Gone Awesome

I really love these MFTS stamps and dies, they just have the cutest stamps. I think pretty much every die cut and stamp on here is from MFTS.

Tried to add some interest by using 2 different greens for the grass, popping some of it up and then finally adding tufts here and there.

This was a very stubborn card that would not smooth out after I water colored the background. Honestly I put this under something heavy then went out of town for almost a week, lets just say it's definitely flat now. I still have the pop effect from the foam tape but so glad that the warp was finally fixed.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Whole Lot of Pink

This card gave me free reign to make the entire card about as pink as a card can get. I am pretty sure this will be a card for my bff even though her birthday is won't be till next year. She loves pink and kitties so this will be one she'll love for sure. 

This was one of those cards that had to get flatten out even after I made the card.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Simply the Best

Here is another Father's Day card I made and actually decided to give it to my husband. I did a lot of water color backgrounds and then used those to make a bunch of cards. It does take some guess work out of deciding a background and are easy enough to do but the problem with watercolor panels is they tend to warp and I usually just set them under something heavy to flatten them out, but occasionally they give me trouble and won't flatten entirely, then I bring out the double stick tape and tape the entire panel down. That usually does the trick but sometimes that doesn't even work so then the whole card will go under something heavy and that usually works the kinks out. Fortunately this one cooperated and I opted to die cut it which really gave it a nice border of pp.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ham It Up

After completing the shirts for the boys I realized Father's Day was a whole lot closer than I realized. A bit of panicked set in because I really haven't given too much thought about it and knew I really needed some cards, especially something for my Father In Law.

I grabbed a bunch of stamps and plan to make several cards but the first one that struck me was the cute little piggies from MFTS, but the more I planned out this card I realized maybe its a little too cute for a Father's Day Card. I decided to only stamped the Ham It Up sentiment because I figured in a pinch it would be better than nothing and worse case I can use this card for almost any occasion so I felt good about finishing it.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Jeep Shirts

Since I had broken out the sewing machine to make some zippered bags I figured it was high time I made the boys some new shirts. They are growing like crazy and have outgrown the last shirts I made. Plus if I wasn't careful they would grow too large and go up in a pattern size and its quite possible I wouldn't have enough fabric.

So it took a week of cutting, ironing, stitching, ripping out restitching and finally they were done.

I love this pattern it's so cute for boys.

I found a nice pattern to use in both shirts for the contrast collar and inside yoke. 

And the pocket matches almost perfectly.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sending Thanks times three

I seem to be into mass production lately, first it was the totes for the teachers, then it was the zipper bags for the aides and now it's Thank You cards for my friends.

We got together the other day for lunch to celebrate my birthday which is so sweet they still think of me even though I am not working with them any more (sigh miss the friends don't miss the work) so I wanted to send them a Thank You card.

For whatever reason I opted to watercolor and die cut some Amazing You flowers from Altenew and from there I liked the frame dies from Papertrey Ink so I mix and matched them a bit. Then I just needed to find some pp for it all to work with and viola a triple Thank You set.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Teacher Aides Gifts

So finally figured out what to make my daughter's teacher aides as gifts, these little zipper bags and I already had the perfect fabric, Dr. Seuss.

I only needed to pick up some zippers and something for the inside. I found this adorable red and white polka dot fabric and thought it would be perfect and little did I know till after I started sewing with it I realized it has some sort of water resistance to it, perfect!

Because I needed to make nine bags in all I just did a little assembly line which really works well until you make a mistake, then you make the same mistake nine times. Well frankly I actually made ten bags because you never know when another one will come in handy so that was ten mistakes and right off the bat too.

The first thing I did was sew the bags inside out thus by outside fabric was on the inside and vice versa. So my ten zippers all had to be ripped out..ugh. These were not off to a good start. Took me awhile but finally finished them and I think they look pretty darn cute.