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Monday, December 8, 2014

December Daily Continues

I can honestly tell you, my craft room is still in a disarray. I just didn't get enough time and energy to clean it so my work space is definitely in chaos.

Today I am sharing days 3, 4 and 5.

Day 3 isn't anything very significant. I just had purchased another Christmas Cactus last year and ironically I am noting how this one bloomed early while the other one just now has buds.

Day 4 - This was a big day for my son, this is the day he purchased a new car (with his parents help of course) so it had to be noted. Funny I just noticed you can't seem the snowflakes I stamped on the circle. 

Day 5 - This was a fun day. My mother and I went to San Francisco for some shopping and to have afternoon tea at a place called Lovejoys. It's really a very charming place and the food was really very tasty. Definitely worth going back to.


  1. Loving how your DD is coming along, Leslie, your embellishments are always so fun!

  2. I love your Christmas cactus picture! Your days are looking so nice.