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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Some more pictures from my dh's childhood. He is pictured here with one of their horses, named Coco.

I did try out some new transparent embossing paste which when dried is shiny, it's really kind of neat. Also splattered a bit of black ink.

This page is actually matted in white but was lost against the white blog page.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweet Brotherly Love

I was finally able to scrap this adorable photo of my dh with his baby sister. I just think this is the cutest thing ever.

Used some stamping on this page along with some misting and paint splatters, and I'll have you know I realized the perfect technique for adding spots of paint or ink on your page. One method I used different pens with different thicknesses and added lots of little dots, another technique was using an embossing tool (you know the ones with the little balls on the ends) then dip that into your paint or ink and you can dab it on. If you need a bigger spot then just dab more on and it will spread out a bit. The only trouble is these tend to be a bit more uniform and you have to decide where they should be placed rather than the random spraying technique. I did a little of both on this page.

Title was cut from my silhouette, then I used some mini stickers and wood embellishment for the Love. PP was from Teresa Collins. The love stamp was from Magnolia. Also added both wooden and enamel dots.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Quick and Easy Birthday Card

I have been soooooo busy this month and it dawned on me that my babies birthday is next week and I still haven't made him a card. I say baby like he's just a little guy, yeah a little guy who stands 6'2" and will be 23 this year..yikes!

Anyhoo I whipped this card up in less than 15 min, seriously I think the hardest part was putting on those enamel dots. And do you know this pattern paper was completely confusing me. The rain drops seemed like the were upside down, I kept rotating the paper, and rotating and finally realized I think it's just me.

It's nothing too fancy but my son does prefer the clean and simple look and if I stick some $ in it, I am sure it will be the best birthday card, ever!

Also here is a little sneak peek at my first dress. I can not find my zipper foot so I am awaiting for my new one to arrive before I can finish. The hem and zipper are the last thing needed, but I can't help but think this needs some sort of tiny flower or rose bud on it so I may have to add that in there as well.
The dress should be at least two inches shorter than in the picture but I may have to shorten it even more. I did make this to fit my grandbaby at six months and it's supposed to be a little long but we will have to see once I get it all pinned up. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Long Lost Layout

As I was tidying up my work area I came across this page half done. I started this when I last went to an Expo and never quite finished it and here it is time for me to go to another Expo so the least I can do is finish this one.

I have to say I am just not feeling to love for this layout but I was feeling very sentimental when the time came to replace my old fridge, not that it really needed it but it was almost 20 years old and I just felt like it was time for an upgrade.

I decided to capture the moment because I don't know about you but I have a lot of fond memories with my fridge, all my kids grew up with this fridge, all the bottles of formula, baby food, bottles of antibiotic, leftovers, birthday cakes and just everyday usage made it feel like part of our family.

So I have been futzing with it for a few days and finally just said enough, so here it is.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Right Now

So this weekend I was busy but not with anything I can show you. I was busy scanning, and photo editing my MILs photos and then I made this nice little hard bound book on Shutterfly to give out to her grand children at her Celebration of Life. It turned out so nice but not something I can share.

I thought I would share with you what I am loving right now....

Springtime in my backyard

Our two little kitties enjoying the outdoors

And I also am pleased to announce the birth of my first Granddaughter, Caroline. Now after I found out I have to tell you I immediately starting scoping out dress patterns, she is only 10 days old but I have rediscovered my love of sewing.

So rushed out and bought these patterns

 And this material

 I already started on the white dress above in a white eyelet, I just have the hem and the zipper to add and after starting this dress I realized I should have started with something much easier to get warmed up. I had forgotten so much and worse I hardly had any of my old sewing supplies so had to go buy them. On top of that I lost my good sewing machine years ago and replaced it with a cheap one because I thought I only needed it for scrapbooking and card making and thus things are more of a challenge, heck. I can't even find my zipper foot for it so now I need to see if I can locate a replacement.

I also saw this adorable diaper cover on pintrest so you know I have to try my hand at it. I did purchase a ruffler foot and am seriously thinking of getting a serger for my birthday.


Well that's what's going on over my weekend, hope you enjoyed yours. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cards for Contests

So I got in the mood to attempt to enter some contests because after all if you never try how will you ever win. And I do apologize but by the time I got off work, went to my chiropractor appointment, made some heart shaped cherry hand pies, ate dinner, cleaned up the sun had set and then some which forced me to use artificial light and therefore the pictures are not as great as I would like.

With my first card I am shamefully submitting to qualify for three challenges.

Papetrey Ink - must use at least one of their products (using the flower stamps)
The Greeting Farm - must use their stamp and flowers (Fleur Anya stamp)
Simon Says Stamp - must use pink and/or red (Pink flowers)

So up first is Fleur Anya using both Papertrey Ink and TGF stamps.

Then another challenge at Papertrey Ink is to be inspired by a card from DT member, Maile Belles. I picked this card for my inspiration Thankyou card

BTW if you didn't know Papertrey Ink is having a huge anniversary party with their new releases and they have some pretty stellar giveaways. You really should check them out. Here is their blog

Monday, February 9, 2015

Vintage Photos and A Request

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that with great sorrow my mother in law passed away last month.

As we prepare for a celebration of life for her, my husband came home armed with photo books for me to scan photos so we can put them into a power point presentation. While there aren't as many pictures as I wish I cherish them none the less because this is a peek into not only my husband's childhood but also his parent's life.

I am selfishly scanning in photos of my hubby along with my mother in law so I can scrap him a small album. This is where the request comes in. This is by far my favorite photo and I want to make a page but I have to confess I am not sure what to call it. My best title at this point is brotherly love but I am reaching out to you fellow scrappers to see if you can offer some other suggestions since I am really not fond of my idea.

This is my husband who is feeding his little sister.

 And since we all love vintage photos I thought I would share a few more of my favorites thus far.

My Mother In Law

 My husbands with his two sisters and his dad. I have to say I have had to do a lot of editing to these photos since they are old which also means they are faded, torn and yellowed. I am really pleased at how they are coming along thus far.

My husband and his two sisters. It's unfortunate that he has lost both of his sisters because I can't help but want to share these types of photos with them. I have decided to make a photo book of his mother and then add in some extra of the girls and himself for his nieces and nephews as I am sure they would love to have these memories of not only their grandmother but their mothers as well.

Well that's it for today. I am bringing Valentine Day treats all week long for the co-workers so I have been busy baking and prepping to make it easier to bake on a weeknight with all my other activities.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Masculine Valentine Day's Card

Since my husband doesn't seem to care for the typical glittery, heart induced, pink and white V-day cards I figured I would try to make mine a bit more masculine.

I choose grey for the background and worked in some of the more subdued colors
but have to confess I wanted to add in some embossing paste and worked it with a bottle of Luminex which I had long forgotten about.

I am not sure I succeeded at making this very masculine but I had fun trying to think out of the box a bit.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Coloring with the Copics

In all the hub-a-bub about doing masculine birthday cards I completely forgot my bff's birthday is also this month and since she gave me a gift of The Greeting Farm secret stamp subscription I figured I best dig out my copics and color her one of the stamps I received.

This is the Fashionista stamps and typical of the Greeting Farm stamps is just cute!

I admit my coloring skills are very rusty, it truly has been a long while since I did any coloring.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Superhero card x2

As I was cleaning up my desk I decided since I had my superhero stamp set out why not go ahead and make another card for the littlest grandbaby who's birthday isn't until the end of the year, kind of makes sense so I did it.

This time I used the city die that came with the set but honestly I like the Taylored Expression die better because not only does it have more detail it's just a tad bit bigger and works better for a full border across the card.

I am also using some washi tape on this card since I saw Queen and Company's superhero tape and knew I had to have it to complete my superhero arsenal.