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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stampscapes -Let It Snow

Since I had been on a roll making Christmas cards I have been wanting to make this card forever, and I do mean forever. Stampscapes were one of the first stamps I purchased besides Stamping Up and that was a good fifteen years or so ago . I love these scenes but little did I know how many stamps and inks one needed to assemble this.

Happy to say I finally have gotten everything I need and viola my first ever truly completed Stampscapes card. I plan on sending this to my Father in law since this is almost his home exactly. I am pretty sure he's gonna love it.


  1. Wow, Leslie! I can't even imagine how much time and effort went into this beauty! :)

  2. Leslie, this is a WORK OF ART!!!!! He will LOVE IT!!! beautiful!

  3. Just amazing, Leslie! Gathering all of the needed supplies was totally worth it because this is stunning!

  4. You REALLY made that?! Oh, that's SO beautiful! You're really talented.