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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disney World of Color

So here is another Disney layout that I have to say is one of those things that just looks better in person. What you can't see are the shinny silver metallic letters but instead you see a dark greyish silver.

I did some water coloring on paper and then used that for the Color letters.

Have to say I wasn't sure where this layout was going but I just kind of kept adding splashes of color here and there to get it where it is and am very pleased with how it came out. Just wish you could see a better representation of the page.


  1. Fab layout, Leslie, love how you piled your photos on the page and the sprinkling of color is just perfect!

  2. Super fun and colorful, Leslie! Great use of color!

  3. Oh Wow, I love this!!! And your photos are awesome! :) Evie