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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Disney Project Life - Wk 1: Pages 2 and 3

So here is basically the first double page spread. I have all the Halloween Photos printed out so decided that's where I needed to begin. I also have Christmas and need to hunt down pages I already completed years ago. Should be interesting to see how those fit into this album

First up is the album cover. Used the cameo trace and cut function to make Mickey and then cut the title from downloaded font. The Castle is one of those little package of die cuts you assemble. I have been collecting these for years and it was time to start using them up.


  1. Your cover looks awesome and your pages are super cute, Leslie! Looks like a really fun time (I've never been to Disney) and love the "our magical adventure starts here" card! :)

  2. Love how this is coming together, Leslie! Fabulous job on the cover!

  3. Your Mikey cut turned out really well! Glad you are getting those castle diecuts a sweet home on the cover. It looks fab!