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Monday, June 1, 2015

Trick Or Treat

Ok first we had Christmas and now Halloween, yeah I am working out of order and way ahead but it's ok I like to be a bit organized with those kinds of things.

Well I decided after seeing this super cute Bella Blvd Halloween fabric that I just needed to make another quilt, sigh and actually decided I was going to make two. One for myself and one for my daughter but I did choose a different fabric for myself.

I went ahead and made my dd's and was able to give it to her last night when she came over with the grandbabies, it was a hit so I am happy to have that done and gone (I need the in my crafty room was getting tight)

I will confess that this pattern/fabric quilt has none of my creativity. The only thing I can take credit for was purchasing, cutting, sewing and the basic quilting of said quilt.

It went pretty quick since there was only one border and the size is a lap quilt (64x78) vs the twin size I did for the boys. I opted to just do a general wave for the quilting which is also a fairly fast method. All said and done it took me a week, but given that I work full time and have swimming on two evenings the only really full days I had to work on this was Monday and Saturday, my guess would be about ~15 full hours.


  1. Awesome quilt, Leslie, love the addition of the purple, it really stands out nicely from the orange and black!

  2. This is fantastic, Leslie! You are so multi-crafty talented. :)

  3. Only 15 hours to make this?! You are awesome! I love the black, white, and purple. Just beautiful!

  4. Wow! This quilt looks great!

  5. ohhhh this one is super Awesome too!!!!