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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Halloween Circle Skirt

Somehow when I ordered fabric to border the cute Bella Blvd quilt I made for my dd for Halloween I ended up with way too much fabric.

At the moment I am finding the best use of left over fabric is for children's clothing, it certainly doesn't use up a lot but does help with whatever odds and ends you may have laying about.

For this particular fabric I made a circle skirt for Evani (my dh's grandniece). Actually I have made her quite a few things and getting ready to send up a package to her so I am kind of excited to hear how it all fits.

This is supposed to be fairly easy but if you ask me it was but it wasn't, folding and pinning fabric underneath the sewn waistband certainly wasn't my favorite thing to do. I also didn't like I had to free hand the pattern, but none the less it still came out pretty darn cute and lets face it what little girl won't like to give this skirt a twirl and have it fan out.

As you can see it's fairly wide so when she spins she's sure to get a nice flare. 
 So I am back to working on my son's quilt. I don't need it until Christmas but hey better to have it done early rather than late.


  1. Such a sweet skirt, Leslie, I'm sure your grandniece will look adorable in it!

  2. Oh this skirt is AWESOME!!!! MY 9 yr old would love this too!!!