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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Post Father's Day card

So I am late sharing this card that I made in a rush to send in time to my father-in-law. I really wanted to draw a grill and add some trees but I just didn't have enough time.

The stamp is from Art Impression, and my FIL just loves these old guys. Perhaps he relates being 80 years young himself. I actually look for the odd ball funny stamps whenever I go to the expo. Art Impression and Rubbernecker café usually have something fun.

Sad to say my dh did not get a Father's Day card but a full day of cooking and baking sufficed any emptiness he might have felt from my lack of creativity. He did get a few gifts, one was a selection of different Jerky (elk, buffalo, alligator, ostrich, etc) from Man Crates and a big gold box of Sees Truffles. So he wasn't totally forgotten.


  1. Awesome coloring, Leslie, and it sounds like your DH was treated to a very nice day even without a card. :)

  2. Ostrich and alligator jerky?!? I didn't even know that existed! ;) Cute card.