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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Introducing Momo

As many of you may know, I recently adopted a new little kitty. I saw her cute little calico face as I was walking quickly through the pet store and just couldn't resist her. And it didn't hurt that I was already thinking my other little kitty needed a buddy.

They have been at odds with each other but I think my older kitty finally figured out that hey this little girl is a great playmate and a pal. Although she still likes her own space and you can see her frustration when the newest addition doesn't engage in the chase me game. I suspect with enough time and Momo will figure it out.


  1. Such a sweet little face - congrats on the newest member of your family :)

  2. Super sweet layout for your super cute new kitty, Leslie! Hopefully Momo and Houdini are on their way to being friends once they get a little more used to each other. :)

  3. Such a sweetie! Love how you scrapped your new addition, Leslie. :)

  4. Such a pretty kitty :)
    Such a Lovely layout.
    I need to do a layout with our adopted kitty as well :)

  5. How cute!
    And I featured you on the Paper Issues blog today :)