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Friday, August 15, 2014

Inspirational Cards

After completing one card for the Feed Your Craft board, I couldn't stop since I was really really inspired by both the colors and the image we were given (Thank you Elise).

Here are two more cards that I created for the challenge. I think in hindsight on the second card I should have shrank the image so it made a smaller background but I hate to waste supplies especially printer ink and cardstock so eh I worked with it.

And here is the inside. Sorry for the bad image, it was getting dark and I am too lazy to setup my light set for pictures.


  1. Oh wow, Leslie, I'm so glad you were inspired to create more, both cards are wonderful! So in love with your rainbow and sprinkling of sequins, and the sentiment for the second card works so well with the image!

  2. Wow, Leslie! I love them both, but the rainbow card with the cascade of sequins makes me sooooo happy! :)

  3. Both cards look great and are perfect for this challenge :)
    Thank you for your congrats on my daughters engagement :)