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Monday, February 11, 2013

Party Day

Here are the photos with the last bit of items that got tended to the day of the party. All in all I would say it went off without a hitch and yep I did make 2 cakes (Carrot and Banana). Also made a flat bread pizza, potato salad, Asian salad and just a meat and cheese platter with some mini Hawaiian rolls. Made a tangerine-lemonade punch with some ginger ale and a few scoops of sugar to sweeten it up a bit. Appetizers were a 7 layer bean dip, stuffed mushrooms and a veggie platter.

Only thing I can say in hindsight is my dd made the balloon wreath and I didn't know how big to make the circle banner inside..should have done a 5 or 6 inch..but alas no turning back.

So here are the T-Rex prints..they went all the way down the walk way, the driveway and out to the sidewalk..I think I cut about 30 footprints and used them all.

Here is the banner with some ivy which hangs just underneath the porch line as you walk up

Here is the Balloon Wreath that my dd did...a lot of work went into this. Each balloon is stuck into a straw wreath with T pins. A really cool idea and look

So here is the table. I have it with 2 leaves so it was quite long

Now in all fairness, I don't want you to think I went out and spent $$$$ on all these decorations. I was fortunate to have an abundant supply of dinosaurs from my oldest dgs dino phase. And the plastic trees were from a Army vs Dino ensemble I bought for him ~10 years ago. My oldest ds purchased the cut outs and I had the rocks from my amble garden I didn't really spend anything other than the 2 of the vases and the plastic plants which I think helped to give it a jungle feel.


  1. This is beautiful. Can you say beautiful for dinosaurs? :). Great job! It must have been a lot of work, but a memory for a lifetime. Hope you saved the decorations to use again or pass on. Can't wait to see the planning for your next party. How fun!

  2. This is totally AWESOME! Your dino prints really show up, and lead the way to the party so well. And tell your dd that I am totally in love with her balloon wreath. She could make and sell them (although probably not for as much as the labor would be worth!!!).....and your table setting ROCKS! Glad it went well!