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Friday, February 8, 2013

A few more party details

So continuing towards the big day on Saturday, I have added a few more items to the party decor. I will also post after the fact so you can see the final details which won't be in place until party day.

So first up is a sign I did welcoming guests as they arrive. Basically I printed out the text, stamped some dinosaur tracks and added a few leaf die cuts and put the whole thing in a frame, set it up on an easel and placed in on my entry way table. I added a few plants and a giant T-Rex (from my oldest dgs stash of toys from when he was a wee lad) to complete the greeting.

To give the utensils a bit of flair I decided to wrap them in some heavy duty twine that I had stashed in my closet and the funniest thing, I found a small jar of embossing powder that had fallen into the center so it was like finding a small gift.

And I will show this cake banner when I finally get it set into the cake but wanted to show you for now what it looks like.

My dd is making a balloon wreath and I have small embellished scalloped circle to hang in the center of it so should have that posted after the party as well in addition to the overall table display, cakes, T-Rex footprints leading to the door from the street and a banner that I plan to hang outside and embellish with some ivy. I am hoping to find a ~4ft inflatable T-Rex to stick in the bushes that align my walkway to the porch. Overall I think this is coming together fairly nicely.


  1. These are all brilliant! And I like the t-rex prop, and the twine around the cutlery - genius! x

  2. Wow! This is amazing. Everything looks great. Can't wait to see the final results. Are you cooking for this too?

  3. Everything looks wonderful! It's going to be a great party. Your d and gs are so lucky to have you!