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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back to our regularly scheduled program

So now that I am through birthday parties, Valentines Day and the Holidays in general how about so normalcy for a bit. Thought I would share a layout I did with my early birthday present; a Cameo Silhouette. I cut out the Main title (Data Plan) and loved how crisp and clean it cuts. Definitely looking forward to all my future projects to use my new tool with.

Any hoo I was cleaning up my crafty room after the creative whirlwind hit it and of course needed to setup my Cameo and stumbled across these photos I printed out in December. I had purchased a new phone and realized that my phones were getting larger and thinner as time went on. So figured it deserved a layout and I found an image of what the first cell phones looked like (and believe it or not my mom had one so I remember exactly how big this thing was) and used it for an ironic comparison.

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