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Monday, February 4, 2013

Party - Bottle Labels

Getting ready for my grandson's birthday party and one of the things I made were bottle labels.

I have to say I have never really thought of doing these but since my dd mentioned them I figured what the heck. If you aren't as anal as I am you don't have to do the matting but just adhere the paper (I used some cheap cardstock so it would pick up the print better than normal printing paper) to the bottle. In fact I will be hosting my own 50 and Fabulous birthday party at the end of April with about 3 times as many people and I am already thinking this would be too much work. I just made 20 for my gs bd.

I think just a nice outline would be suffice and I already ordered the Cameo as an early birthday gift and hope there is a label shape more than just a rectangle that I can just print and cut.

So if you have never made these before they were easy enough. 8-1/2 x 11 paper is the perfect size as the width of the paper is the exact width you need for the bottle. Also the label width is at about 1.25 so you can easily get 6 strips or labels from each piece of paper.

I would suggest hot gluing the ends together so you don't have to worry about them coming apart and a little bit of adhesive in the middle to hold the lable to the bottle. It is just easier to tack them in place, wrap and glue together.

So as you can see his party is a themed for Dinosaurs.

And here is just a brief look at part of the table setup. I will post more as I finish the table. And yes I need to setup now because working full time, plus swimming at night three times a week doesn't leave me a whole lot of relaxed free time where I can make sure everything looks good...yes I am too darn picky and sadly I am aware of it.


  1. These are great. I would add a place to write names. I hate finding partially opened bottles after a party :)