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Monday, February 25, 2013

Harry Potter Tees

I really wanted to try out my new Cameo to make some tees for the grand babies and my dd had wanted t-shirts for her two boys with sayings from Harry Potter. So putting her idea to paper or shirt rather I was able to create the following shirts. The hardest part was finding the right font. This one happened to be in the Silhouette store so I didn't have to look too hard.

I made the shirts opposite in color because it  perfectly reflects how the boys are complete opposites. The oldest boy who is just a little over 2 and is very rambunctious, completely fits the "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" saying because that is him in a nut shell. The other boy is 7 months and being the complete opposite (laid back) it was obvious he would wear "Mischief Managed." 

I have to say the Cameo makes making these heat transfer vinyl shirts a breeze. If you haven't done one yet and own a Cameo I truly encourage you to try it.


  1. These are awesome! Lucky grandkids. :)

  2. Oh oh oh these are amazing! I want a cameo so I can make myself one! I am currently re-reading the Harry Potter series for about the 10th time. Love them! x

  3. Awesome tshirts love those quotes :)