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Monday, December 21, 2015

December Daily - Day 4 and 5

I must say I had hoped to have at least 4 pages to share today, but alas Murphy as in Murphy's Law was against me. The first half of the day I cleaned my room, spic and span and after admiring it's neat and tidy appearance I settled in to work on my December Daily.

All went well until I tried to print some pictures to my wireless printer. Alas the next 4 hours, yes you ready that right the next 4 hours were devoted to debugging why it wouldn't print to the printer, installing drivers, changing ink or rather attempting to change ink I never could get the cartridge to install and have to buy more, reinstalling the wireless software and general research on the web. Argh!!! not how I wanted to spend my afternoon. I finally gave up and switched to my home computer/printer and was able to complete only 2 pages at this point.

Perhaps I will have better success on my next attempt.

So here are Days 4 and 5.

Day 4 was a Me day, a trip to Massage Envy for a massage followed by a facial. I think I need that again today after my struggle with the damn printer. I did have to steal some photos off the internet because I didn't see asking the girls to take photos of me during my treatments and I think this still gets the message across.

Day 5 was about spending a day with my mother. I was going to print a picture of some earrings I bought but after my frustrations with the printer I decided I didn't need any more printing. I had planned to embellish a bit more but at this point I was just glad to have something done even if it was halfway.

I bought the succulents to create a little mosaic if you will with them. I needed some other plants that I didn't buy at the time so still need to finish this. I think after cleaning my room I have decided that seems to be the theme of my life..need to finish..I have so many unfinished projects and setting goals to get them done in the next few months, or at least work on getting them done.


  1. A succulent mosaic sounds fun - hope you post pics when you complete that!! And I totally know what you mean about unfinished projects. My craft room has been a dumping ground for weeks! And it's in the cent prof our home, so that's not ideal...) But anyway, it's getting cleaned up ASAP!

  2. Such fun pages, Leslie, sorry to hear about the technical issues though! Hopefully all is now fixed and your succulent mosaic is a great idea!