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Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas PJs

Well as you can see No DD here today, LOL I am so far behind I don't want to even think about it. For right now I had a deadline to get stuff done that for me was more important than DD and I can pleasantly say that these PJs have now been crossed off my list, well these pairs plus some superman ones that I made for gifts for the grandbabies.

I bought the fabric back when Halloween was still amping up and kept thinking I would have gotten to them before now, but I made my deadline and the boys will have these for Christmas AM pictures. I really wanted to do some tee shirts but ran out of time. I may do some on a last minute whim but for now I would rather get some sort of matching superman ones made for their gifts.

Any hoo here they are. I couldn't find anything special for the littlest guy but saw the striped and it reminded me of candy canes. Then while I was cutting them out I thought it would be fun to take excess fabric and make contrast cuffs at the bottom since I see that a lot on Pintrest.

Unfortunately Zack's band isn't as large because it was after all an after thought and when I bought the material I only bought enough to make the pair of PJs. And if you look closely you can see where I added double top stitching to give just a little bit of extra detail. 

I have to say if you've never sewed and wanted to, PJ pants are pretty damn simple and take about 15-20 min to make.


  1. These look great, Leslie! Love the hem!

  2. These are darling, Leslie, the boys are going to look so cute on Christmas morning!

  3. Totally adorable, Leslie! You are so talented. :)