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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Daily - Day 1

So I was able to get another page done and working on day 2, I am trying not to look too far ahead and see how far behind I am in hopes that I will actually get caught up one day.

This photo marks the return of our Elf Enzo. He is quite the character this one. Love setting him up for my son and when I get home my son sets it up for me.

For my theme I have decided to go with Silver and Gold focusing on either color. This seems to be working thus far.

Today is day 9 only 7 more days I need to catch up on. Easy, right!


  1. Such a fun page and great way to start off your album, Leslie! Hope Enzo (and your son) don't cause too much mischief! :)

  2. So pretty with all of the sparkle, Leslie! You can do it! :)