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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wicked - Altered Letters

I was in Joann's the other day and walked by those big chunky letters and it had been awhile since I had altered any letters. I thought perhaps my dd might like something for Halloween. Figured Happy Halloween was a bit long and more than I wanted to spend or do so opted for Wicked as a better solution.
At first I was grabbing all the same size and style then the thought occurred to me that if I mixed them it might be more fun so grabbed various sizes and styles. I am sure the shoppers thought I was nuts as I placed them on the floor trying to find a suitable combination.
Again (love my dh) had my dh paint some of them black and kept the others white. I then proceeded to alter each letter one by one, deciding whether to leave as is or cover in pp and adding various elements.
For the W I really really wanted to use red flowers but stupid me had already used some of the pp with orange in it and there was no way I was going to redo that letter so opted for using orange flowers instead.

This was a 3D sticker I had purchased last year, I believe it was KandCompany. 

 I have always loved the look of a flock of bats so decided to use that inspiration on my letter C.Bats were die cut for a couple different QK dies.


The K seemed easy enough. I had a bit of faux spider web sitting on my desk from my graveyard luggage and wrapped it around. And of course that made me think of spiders and remembering the Indiana Jones ride at Disney that has a wall covered in bugs figured I could easily do the same with some spiders.
These spiders were die cut from a Memory Box die and used a foam pad and stylus tool to give them a bit of a pop in the body and hot glued them to the letter.
This is the stupid letter I covered in orange. I then added some more orange flowers and this tiny skull that is a packaging element from the bag of skulls I bought for my crow box. Decided it also needed something else so used my QK haunted tree die cut. 
I also decided this display would benefit from a glittered skull so had a foam skull that I also bought not knowing what I would do with, and decided to glitter it with spray on adhesive and a mix of silver and black glitter. I think it works.

I am sure my dd will love this. My ds told me I should sell it instead of giving it to his sister so I guess that means I did a pretty good job!


  1. Seriously cool, Leslie! Love the attention to each letter and how they look all together and I think the orange is perfect! :)

  2. This is "wicked" awesome, Leslie! Love your son's comment. :)

  3. You are seriously going to town with Halloween!! I love what you did with these awesome! :) Evie

  4. Wow, those are so, so cool!
    Lol at your ds saying you should sell it. You really could though. :)