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Friday, September 5, 2014

Gift Bags and Soap

Earlier this year I came across a beautiful soap mold and knew instantly that it would make great Christmas gifts and the more I ventured into buying soap making supplies the more I wanted to create extrodinary soaps.

I then found another equally beautiful mold and told myself that was enough for my gift planning but I still had grandiose ideas running in my head so decided I needed a professional looking package for my soon to be beautiful bars and decided on a simple muslin bag and planned on using my Cameo to cut out vinyl for my gift giving packaging.

This is my end result of all that planning.

The bags

This has a lavender scent. Unfortunately the coloring on these left flakes even though I mixed thoroughly.

The color on this is a bit more peach than in the picture. My internet is out so had to use my phone. Scent is called a love scent..but is a nice light fragrance.

This color is a bit more lighter as seen in the fist photo. The scent is sweet pea.

I hope my recipients enjoy them as much as I did making them.


  1. Wow, Leslie, both bags and soaps are adorable and I know they will be very appreciated! :)

  2. Wow, these soaps are beautiful and the packaging is great!! I know they will be loved! :) Evie

  3. Such a beautiful combo of gift and packaging, Leslie! Those are some lucky recipients! :)

  4. I tried to comment at the cottage from my phone, but not sure if it worked.
    I love the bags you altered, it is perfect!
    The soaps are so pretty, you know no one will want to use them, but keep them on display :)