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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crow Box

Crow box sounds kind of silly but I didn't know what else to call this. I was hunting for some ideas on Pintrest when I saw a few projects similar to mine that placed a crow on a box. I immediately loved that idea and knew I had plenty of boxes on hand that would I could readily use.

I love vintage (Country Living has been my decorating bible since I was 16) and was inspired to make this a vintage themed project. I used some scrap pp to cover the bottom and just die cut a circle from black cardstock for the top. I decided the scallop beige edge was a nice tone already and to leave it as is.

Adding bits of items here and there I built up the top of the box with flowers, skulls and a spider then finished it with toile and a stamped sentiment.

There are two skulls on the box (which the lid does come off by the way) one in the front and the other towards the back. Personally I love that I was able to use them as is and they didn't require additional distressing.

 I created both paper flowers using two different tools. This one above I used a Fiskars punch and the one at the top of the page was created using the Spellbinders die. Love how the make completely different styles of flowers.


  1. This is truly amazing and such a work of art, Leslie!

  2. This is awesome!!!!
    As much as I don't like crows, I love this project..perfect for a cool Halloween display.
    Beautifully done!!!

  3. Wow, what a great piece of Halloween decor, Leslie!