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Monday, September 15, 2014

HW Decoration - Easy Peasy

So I have been busy with my Halloween altered objects and in the mixt of it all stumbled across this frame I bought at Michaels in the clearance section. It was originally bronze but a bit of black spray paint helped it along. I have another smaller frame I considered but the wrought iron look to this one spoke more of Halloween to me than the plain wood frame from the other one.

I had seen those collection of paper butterflies and hearts that people put in a larger frame and thought it would be kind of fun to do it with bats, except on a much smaller scale. So punched a few bats and glue dotted them onto some older Echo Park pp and tied on some toile. I did leave out the plastic insert so the bats could be a bit 3D-ish.

I think this will work splendidly in a mix of other Halloween items on my shelf.


  1. Am really digging this, Leslie! It's so simple, yet packs quite a punch!

  2. Your Halloween decorations are all so much fun!
    Very creative :)
    I really like the luggage graveyard below as well.

  3. This is super cute!! I love it! :) Evie