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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall is coming

I feel the nip of cool weather in the morning and find myself eagerly awaiting the full onset of fall. I have already partaken in a luscious Pumpkin Spiced Latte, bought some Samuel Adams pumpkin beer and felt the need to indulge in a few fall tasty treats and put on my apron and fired up the oven for a trio of yumminess.

First up not really a fall weather treat but I was in the mood for some cookies. I am calling these fifty fifty cookies because I didn't have enough chocolate chips to make them a true choc chip cookie and added peanut butter chips I had on hand. I will also tell you that if you bring your butter to room temp and whip the bloody {bleep} out of it with the will get a very soft and fluffy cookie. I do put my batter in the fridge between baking to keep the cookie from going flat.

Next up was some ever loving pumpkin snack cake. I really made this for work but I love pumpkin so had to snitch of few pieces to keep at home just for me. I don't think they will even miss it.

Lastly I made apple bread and the only thing I can think that would make this even more better would be a drizzle of some cream cheese icing..about the most perfect fall food I can think of next to anything pumpkin. I baked two loaves, one for the boys to have at home and one for work which I took with the pumpkin snack cake.

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  1. I'm jealous of the baking you've been doing, Leslie, everything looks delish! I had my first PSL in almost 2 years and it was quite tasty. :)