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Monday, March 31, 2014

Paris - Montamartre

I am still chipping away at finishing my pages from my trip to Europe last May. I can't believe it's taking so long. Funny but when you are on your trip you think of all the pages you want to do, grap souvenirs galore and then you get back home..upload your photos and then that's where they stay..slowly but surely you drag your feet and you get a few done. I am finally down to the nitty gritty, but I still have all of London to do and it's so hard to scrap 1001 pictures on a two page layout. Feeling regret for omitting any I have taken. I wish I had figured out the whole Project Life theme for vacation pictures before I did all these layouts..oh well live and learn as they say.

Anyhoo sorry for rambling, but here is my Montmartre page. I had some bling that was like ribbon and decided it really worked here becuase although Montamartre is very historical it's also very beautiful in it's own way.  And I see my little camera chipboard went for a ride..sorry about that.


  1. great layout, love all the little details.

  2. Love the background paper and the bits of gold and bling, Leslie! They all definitely work to highlight the beauty in your photos! :)

  3. Beautiful page, Leslie! Love the bling and the cluster you created on the doily!

  4. Awesome page! I love that gold doily at the top and the rows of bling. I went to Europe four years ago in May and I am STILL working my way through the photos. Totally fine with me though as I love to relive the trip every time I do a layout. I will be way sad when I scrap that last page....

  5. I know what you mean about dragging your feet!! I got to go to England (mostly London and a couple other spots) last August. I still have EVERYTHING I came back with in a big bag I bought while I was there, intending to scrapbook every bit of it...and there it sits. I haven't done a thing with it. (I did put a photo book together through Shutterfly because it would be super expensive to scrapbook the 700 photos I took, but I still want to be able to incorporate the paper ephemera I bought into a REAL scrapbook.)

    Your layout is beautiful, by the way!