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Friday, March 21, 2014

Catching up on PL for the kitty

After being at the expo, I decided you can get a lot done with project life if you just fit all your pictures in the pocket pages then go back and add in your cards and when you get home you can finish embellishing them. I got 2 vacation trips put into my PL album ready for embellishing and was able to catch up for my kitty.

I haven't been doing the PL faithfully as I would like. Remmbering to take photos is half the battle but since our weather has been sublime I find it easier to stop myself and bring out my camera out with me.


  1. your pages look awesome
    great photos

  2. Aw, great photos and pages, Leslie! I was just wondering the other day when you might share more of Houdini's PL album! :)