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Friday, March 28, 2014

More PL for Houdini

I realize I don't seem to have the time to stay on top of a weekly PL but, now that the kitty is about 8 months and I am running out of protectors so capturing every few weeks should be about right to get me to her one year.

It's funny that this little girl loves to be outside but, every night around 9pm she comes back inside and snuggles with me and stays in for the night. I love that she does this and I don't have to worry about her roaming at night. She doesn't seem to care about the front yard either so she pretty much sticks to the backyards of our house and a neighbors house right next to ours where a little elderly lady lives. 


  1. Love this album for what will soon be her first year, Leslie! Awesome silhouette of her walking along the fence! :)

  2. Love how this is turning out, Leslie! The silhouette photo is awesome! Such a fun idea to record her first year. :)