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Friday, November 1, 2013

Post Halloween Treat Bags

Well I guess I am a day late and a dollar short as they say. I made these treat bags and took them to work with the cookies but totally forgot to post them here for you to see. I was inspired by my dd's Halloween wreath that I made her and transferred that energy onto these bags. They were filled with a popcorn mix (pretzels, m&ms, cranberries and drizzled with chocolate) in a plastic bag that I tied with ribbon and then put in these bags so they could be reused by those who wanted.

The spiders were made from spider rings that Michaels was kind enough to put on sale for me so I got them for next to nothing. Chopped off the ring part, sprayed with adhesive glue and sprinkled with glitter.


  1. Love love love! I've seen several treat bags posted and yours are my favorite! Gotta love a fat, purple glitter spider! How fun!

  2. These are awesome! Love the spider and the nightmarish nibbles "title".

  3. I agree with Lisa, those are awesome!