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Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Christmas Wreath

Today I am sharing a Christmas wreath that I made for my daughter. Since she loved the Halloween wreath I made her so much I thought I would go ahead and make her one for Christmas as well. I showed her a couple of ideas and she liked this one best so I went with it. The white snowy branches really makes it a great winter time wreath as well as Christmas.

I first purchased a wooden wreath that you can find at any craft supply store, then I added some branches that I also purchased from various craft stores. Honestly I wish I just had a bush or small tree that needed a good pruning because I am not entirely happy with the fullness of the branches, but what's a gal to do and I didn't want to invest $100 on branches just to make the wreath.

After buying some extra branches and afixing to the wreath I sprayed the whole thing with a can of snow and let it dry over night. This is what it looked like. 

After letting it dry overnight I added some already white tipped pine cones (you know the ones that smell of cinnamon) some sprays of white balls and the various colored balls. Then I made a ribbon with some leftover stuff I had from last year and adorned that to the finished project. She hasn't seen it yet and is coming over this weekend so if she spies this on the blog before she sees it live I am sure she'll be twice as excited to see it in person.


  1. This is so pretty! Love the pops of color from the ornaments!

  2. Beautiful wreath, it will definitely make a statement on your daughter's door!

  3. Love this wreath! I'm looking for ideas to make one for myself :)