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Friday, November 29, 2013

Star Wars Exhibit Photos

We are lucky enough to have the Star Wars Exhibit come into our local Tech Museum so I asked my eldest grandson if he would like to go and of course he said Yes!. He is interested in movie making so I thought he would enjoy seeing the props that were used in making the Star Wars films.

I have to say I was utterly impressed at the details that were on each item. Especially these ships even though we briefly see them on screen the details in real life are unbelievable.

Some facts that we learned, all evil ships were made in triangles.

The snow scene in the second film, aka V The Empire Strikes back was filmed in Norway and a huge storm came in the night before so all the crew were inside the hotel and they shot the scene in the doorway leading to the hotel. So poor Mark Hamilton had to go out into the cold while everyone was toasty warm in the hotel.

Some of the sounds for the ships and racers came from capturing the sounds of the LA freeway at 2 am and then forced that through a metal pipe and they also recorded a jet engine thursting the motors in reverse.

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  1. Very cool photos, I'll bet it was an amazing exhibit!