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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A fun little tree

After making the wreath or rather should I say after I got started with it I decided to make something a little different. I had this idea whirling in my brain for a few years (sad isn't it) and finally got it out and in the open.

I purchased a styraform cone, then cut felt (and fabric that had been backed with some iron-on backing so I could cut it) using a Spellbinders leaf die. Using plain old straight pins to attach the felt to the foam, I then just layered all these leaves onto the foam and topped the tree using a Star nestability, chipboard and Cosmo Crickets glitter adhesive paper.

Basically I cut two layers from the glitter paper, afixed one side to the chipboard and on the back side I stuck a pin halfway up then covered that with the second piece of glitter paper.

Lesson learned, I have to see if the Cameo can cut the fabric and felt (it's the wool boiled which is heavier than the felt you buy from Michaels so it cuts like butter)..because lets face it..that was a lot of cutting. This is something I also plan on giving my dd. I have a larger one to also make but not sure if I can finish it by this weekend. Unless I can get the Cameo to cut it all for me.


  1. So creative and unique and I love the colors you chose!

  2. So cute! I never thought about cutting shapes like this on my Cameo - great idea!!