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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jack Skellington Cookies

I made these the same day I made the Spider Web cake but saved them to take in today. Didn't want to overload them with too much food. Athough I think I was definitely tired by the time I drew the faces..not perfect but I don't think the coworkers will mind too much..after all, free food is free food.

This recipe came from Disney and I decided to use a food pen rather than do the black icing for the face. It was much easier and have to say just make sure the icing is good and dry..I hit a few spots where my pen sank in a bit.
I have another recipe for Sandy Claws and thinking I might make those for Christmas, perhaps by then I can do better with the face.


  1. Lucky coworkers! These look yummy! You did a great job with the faces. :)

  2. Your cookies look awesome, and I'm sure they were gobbled up quickly!