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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Mail Day

So my husband has been on an extensive hunting trip, I think he's been gone 12 days so far but seems more like a month to me. My son keeps me company but his work schedule takes him away on weekends and evenings so I only get to see him a few hours when I get home.

I don't mind the quietness it's a nice break however being an Amazon Prime member I bought one of their firesticks. This is a great device and if you have never heard of it well it works through your wireless internet and allows you to access many online sites like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Since I am an Amazon Prime member I get some free shows and movies. And now comes the part where I have been addictively watching Downtown Abbey. I am not much of a TV person but this was a show I wanted to watch but never found the time and always forgot to DVR it. Now I am obsessively watching it for hours on end thus between doing my husband's chores and marathon watching this show I don't have anything scrappy done. Well that and I am also working on my grandkids Halloween costumes. They are going as Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie.

Well that was a long way around to sharing what I arrived in the mail today. I have been very good about cutting my scrappy spending but splurged the other day and bought some new supplies. I was excited to see what arrived today both my MFT and Simon Says Stamps orders. It is a Happy Mail Day.

Some fun things I snagged.

I love this cute little elephant. I have another stamp with him but haven't used it quite yet. I guess I better use this one so I can justify my need for it.

With my MTF order I got those free stitch dies under the Halloween Graveyard dies which are actually two border type dies. Not sure what I will do with those stitch dies but should be fun figuring it out.
And lastly I couldn't resist that cute Stamping Bella witch. She was just too adorable to pass up. 

So has anyone else become addicted to Downton Abbey?


  1. I'm sure you'll have fun with all your new goodies, Leslie and I hope you'll share photos those costumes! I haven't watched Downtown Abbey, but did manage to binge watch The Knick season 1 in a very short period of time. Very intense show that I highly recommend!

  2. I see lots of Christmas cards in your future! ;) Can't wait for the inspiration... I know you give away a lot of cards, but have you ever participated in that card drive Jennifer McGuire posts about? Mom and I have done it the past couple years and you would love it!

    1. Oh, and I've never watched Downton Abbey!!