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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween - Layout

Figured since I was in the Halloween phase that I might as well capture this picture of my dh and his little sister which allowed me to use up a stockpile of HW pp.

Apparently he doesn't quite remember why they were dressed up and since his sister is no longer alive it's hard to get any details about this.

I love this photo and my dh will have my head if he knew I was sharing it but it's so funny to see him dressed up as a woman in his teenage years.

For some reason this photo brings back childhood memories for me. That moment you are trying to throw together an outfit at the last minute because your friends want to go out but you hadn't really planned on it. Of course back then the Spirit store didn't exist and store bought costumes were pretty scarce so you had to rely on your own creativity. I remember going as Tom Sawyer one year. I had a straw hat and overalls so that pretty much made it an easy decision.

Lastly I actually did a few stamped images on this page which isn't something I normally do, but it just seemed like it needed a few more details. Up in the left hand corner you will notice a bat trio and little hanging spider, these were stamped.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic layout, Leslie! I can totally remember the days of needing to grab some clothes to make a "costume"! :)