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Monday, October 26, 2015

Getting Ready for Disney

In a few short weeks I will be off to Disneyland with my youngest two grandsons and their mother. Needless to say this trip was actually planned for August of next year, but Disneyland decided to extend their Halloween season beginning in August which meant ride closures for the period we would be there so they can put up the ride overlays.

We then changed the date to May of next year but wouldn't you know it with their announcement of the new Star Wars land they are going to close Rivers of America, the railroad, Mark Twain riverboat and the Columbus ship along with the Pirates Lair or as I so fondly remember if Tom Sawyer island. Well darn it all we either wait 2 years longer or go now, we opted to go now.

My middle grandson suffers from Autism as so many children and people in general do. Since his disability isn't visible I had read about wearing shirts so that people can see he does have a disability and therefore hopefully will be a little more patient.

Therefore I made these shirts for the boys using my Cameo and some heat transfer vinyl. It's things like this project that truly makes me appreciate my electronic die cutter.


And for the littlest one



  1. What a thoughtful grandma you are.

  2. You are so incredible and so thoughtful, Leslie. Have a wonderful time!

  3. Wow Leslie - so thoughtful! I hope you guys have a wonderful time. <3

  4. Such awesome t-shirts, Leslie! Hope you all have a fantastic time! :)