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Monday, March 23, 2015

It's My Unbirthday

Yep I am celebrating my unbirthday which is not to be confused with my half birthday which is only celebrated once a year.

So I needed to bake a cake of course. Well actually it's the cake that made me want to celebrate my unbirthday because life never has enough cake in it, or at least for me.

I decided to make a Vanilla Bean cake and frosted it with some whipped ganache frosting and adorned it with some pastel sprinkles, a proper looking unbirthday cake if ever I saw one.

And since I was in a full on baking mode I also whipped up my dh some chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies.

And if you want to take a little peek at something I am working on for my dd you can take a gander at these little babies. I was hoping to get a few finished but decided I needed cake instead. So that's where my play time went.

And lastly just a few photos from my garden because springtime is pretty much in full bloom around here. In fact I have two wisteria's growing on a pergola over my patio and never have they every been in bloom at the same time. I have a double purple and then the typical pink Chinese variety. Usually they bloom one and then the other so my dh said we needed to have an outdoor party before they have finished blooming thus my grandbabies and dd are coming over next weekend for our outdoor dinner party.




  1. You are so tempting me with all of these beautiful and yummy things, Leslie! :)

  2. The garden is looking absolutely beautiful !! And that cake looks so yummy!!

  3. The cake looks very yummy! I agree you can never have too much ;)

  4. All of your pictures are beautiful, Leslie! I've no doubt you enjoyed your cake and I cannot wait until springtime hits our area, I'm so envious of all your blooms!