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Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello Happiness

I am slowly chipping away at some more layouts for my dh. I will say it's kind of hard to keep doing a one photo page plus the photos are definitely vintage in both color tones and clarity.

I don't know about you but I am trying to use up product on hand and while I won't say I am on a freeze it's definitely chilly in my art room. I have a ton of project life cards and honestly I didn't buy but two sets (actually one set and split a set with my friend). My bff buys ALL the sets and bequeaths me half as gifts. I really don't mind but alas now I have a ton and really need to start using them so I opted to put one on a layout. The other pp is from a 6x6 pad and then I dotted the splatters and added a few embellies.


  1. You are doing such an amazing job with these photos, Leslie! Love the combo of the vellum and wood frame.

  2. Lovely layout, Leslie, great choice of colors! I really should put my spending on a little diet, but they just keep coming out with more and more pretty stuff! :)

  3. Great layering! I love the colours and the wooden frame!

  4. Such a lovely layout.
    Great way to use those PL cards.
    I had a chuckle about your chilly craft room. I am not on a spending freeze, but I might as well be as I'm not an on-line shopper.
    But I am sure most of us can go our lifetime without needing to buy anymore papers :)

  5. Those PL cards multiply at night, LOL! I love the splatters and the use of the frame. Lovely page!

  6. Love the layers and love how you used that frame!