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Monday, March 9, 2015

A Minky Blanket

I have to confess I am addicted to eye candy, love anything with some color and/or pop so when I saw this blanket on a web page I knew I had to make it, alas that means nothing on my end was creative other than sewing the blanket.

This is made from "minky" fabric and if you've never heard of it well it's just feels like mink would, very silky but kind of soft. It is considered a microfiber.

It is called a rag quilt and I used this tutorial in case anyone is interested in making one for themselves. I will say the fabric linked on their page is sold out but I did find some at the Missouri Star Quilt store.

This took me the better part of the day but truly was easy enough to make. I am giving it to my granddaughter and while it's probably a little big for her now I think it's something that can grow with her.

Close up

Here it is full size. The other side is the same, just not rag seam. I will say that clipping was probably the hardest part and took me the most time.

And ready for gift giving.


  1. It's beautiful, Leslie, looks so soft and plush! I'd love to use my sewing machine for more than just paper, maybe someday! :)

  2. It's gorgeous!! I so want to make one of these, I've pinning them forever :)

  3. Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous.
    I love the colours and I am sure it feels wonderful.
    Your grand baby will love this and will be a treasure.

  4. It is beautiful! Oh, it will be a treasured gift!

  5. Gorgeous colors and what a fun blanket. I bet it does feel wonderful.

    Hugs diane