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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Skipping around DD

Well I finally am back to work on finishing my DD pages but decided to skip a few days and work from the end forward.

Today are days 22 and 23.

Day 23 we drove to Oregon so pretty much the pictures I took on the trip ended up on this page

I think I must have been craving some layout work since it's been so long and picked a full page to do a layout of a picture. Just noting that my Paperwhites bloomed. Have to say this was the page where the silhouette was having a bit of a fit. I was trying to cut a cursive title but the Cameo was having none of it so I changed the game plan to block letters and we worked things out and I was able to finish the page.



  1. Your pages look great, Leslie! It's funny, you put letters behind your photo, I did something very similar for one of my days, great minds think alike! :D

  2. Negotiating with the cameo. :) Love the paperwhites, very dreamy layout!