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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Calming Jars

Today I have something a little different, today I am sharing Calming Jars. If you don't know what these are or have never heard of them parents and teachers use these as a tool to help calm kids down or when they are on time outs to help them remain still for a period of time.

I had never seen them or heard of them until my DD was mentioning them to me. I checked out her pintrest board and found this post which gave a pretty thorough instruction on how to make them.

Now since my DD stated she could not find the VOSS plastic water bottles I set out on a mission to make her some. Truthfully I think I am just avoiding finishing my DD.

I found my bottles mine at BevMo but did notice you can buy them online from Wal-Mart and obviously Amazon, but I didn't want to pay for shipping and whatever you do, do not go to CVS or Walgreens because despite VOSS's website that says they are sold there, they are not. At least not the ones in my area.

So I armed myself with the basics; glitter, corn syrup, food dye, hot water and a bottle then went ahead and added in some glue (just a few generous squirts, about 3.)

I used both fine and thick glitter on my first attempt (the blue one) to add some contrast. My second attempt (the purple) I used confetti along with the fine glitter and for my last attempt (orange) more confetti but I didn't have any Elmer's glue so I used Modge Podge which I decided I didn't care for and will probably redo.

Here the jars are separated. You can see that orange one is milky in appearance when it's separated.

And here they are all shaken. I really like the Purple and even the Blue one but the Orange looks dull in comparison.

So there you have it calming jars. These are just fun to play with on the table top and would be fun to have around the house, even for adults. I guess if you had a stressful job heck take one to work and have yourself a fun timeout.


  1. Leslie, these are great. I love this idea! I keep stress balls for students here for exam time. Maybe I need to stock some of these too. :D Great way to bring some crafts into my work!

  2. Love those!
    My son has a mindfulness class taught at school and they made jars like this which he actually occasionally uses still.
    He has the stress ball, too. :)

  3. There are days I wouldn't mind having one of these. They're so pretty!

  4. ha!! I need to make some of these for work. I've seen these on Pinterest and always thought they were neat.

  5. I've never heard of these, but what a great idea and they look so pretty!