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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In A Holding Pattern

I haven't been able to find much time to focus and spend time being creative but didn't want to have a void post so thought I would comb through some projects or older cards to share. I did find however, these photos and thought I would share with you something my mother and I did over Mother's Day last year.

We went to the Filoli House to see the beautiful flower displays which are simply breathtaking. We were admiring many of them before we realized the displays were all designed around what we think were Musicals or Movies.

I took a few photos but didn't lug my Nikon with me so many photos are not quite up to par but I still wanted to share some of my favorites.

Alice In Wonderland
This is also Cats but was done by a Girl Scout Troop

And here are some more done by Girl Scout Troops

Lion King

Little Shop of Horrors

Mary Poppins

My Fair Lady, they also had a whole table dedicated to this musical as well. 

Paint Your Wagon

Peter Pan

Sound of Music

South Pacific


This house and grounds were used for many years as the home for Dynasty but has also been used for other movies like Rent, Wedding Planner, Joy Luck Club and George of the Jungle just to name a few. It's really an exquisite home.