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Friday, April 18, 2014

Reusable Snack Baggies

I stumbled across this Sisters, What! blog post the other day showcasing a tutorial on making reusable snack bags and knew right away I needed to make some of these. I bring my lunch and breakfast every day to work and guiltily use a lot of plastic lunch baggies. I love that I can wash these and that the liner is waterproof. It's made from the same material as a diaper cover.

I headed to my nearby Joanns and purchased the following supplies and the good natured clerk showed me how to use multiple coupons to save me the most money..thank you dear kind lady. The most expensive item here is the diaper covering ($12 for 3 ) but with a coupon it's workable. I was able to make two baggies from one set of fabric and liner.

So here are the baggies all said and done. I will admit that the first set I followed the sizes on the linked blog but my ds pointed out it wasn't big enough to fit a sandwhich in so I added 1 inch all around and was pleased with the larger bag

Here are the two baggies side by side and you can see the pink is in the original size and the flowered pattern is a bit larger.

Lastly, here is a peek of the insides and after feeling pretty good that I made these late at night with no major problems I realized I sewed one piece of the velcro wrong side down..ugh..this is why I shouldn't sew at night. Needless to say it's an easy but tedious fix.

All in all I think these turned out super cute, who wouldn't want to snack from these fun colored bags? These would make a perfect gift for moms with little ones. Which makes me think I need to make some for my grandbabies.


  1. This look so pretty!!! I really wish I could make something like this! I love sewing and never touched some needles :)

  2. Those are fabulous!!
    I wish I had a sewing machine to make some of these.
    We go through a lot of plastic baggies as well some weeks.

  3. Those look fab, Leslie, what a great idea! :)

  4. Awesome!! I use reusable plastic containers... if I get motivated to sew again, I'll have to make some of these.