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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Improv Layout

I meant to post this last week but came down with some sniffles that got the best of me. Anyhoo this is a layout I made for Scrapyland, but more importantly I wanted to capture the story of this Improv story for my husband. You see this is a historical building and he was given the honor of remodeling it to it's former glory as the Improv. It was a big deal at the time between the city and the Improv franchise but the best part is the manger would give us free food and show admission whenever we went because it was such a successful rennovation. Any ways we hadn't been back for awhile and he likes to go in every now and check up on how well they are preserving the beauty of the original San Jose Theater.

Also wanted to let you know if you weren't doing anything this weekend you might want to checkout Scrapyland's site for National Scrapbooking Day (or rather weekend), they are having an online crop that begins on Friday afternoon with lots of prizes. The grand prize is $100. You can find all the information on their message board


  1. Fantastic layout and story, Leslie, love the colors and embellishments you used!

  2. Love the layout and design, Leslie, and the story behind it all!